What makes this hobby special for us!

What makes this hobby special for us!

Hey Avgeeks! 

Today I wanted to share a story of a customer that recently received a model that is very special to them, and highlights the reason why I got into this business! 

Uzair recently reached out to us to inquire if we had a model in stock. He’d been looking for a 1:400 Pakistan International Airline Macdonald Douglas DC-10 for a gift for his Father, who used to work on these beautiful birds many moons ago. 

I decided that I must help him in finding this model! I wanted to help him share a special moment with his Father as they reminisce of the time he spent working aboard the aircraft. I know the joy these models to bring to people all over the world because I also am one of those people. It gives us a great sense of accomplishment when customers receive their models and get that rush of excitement when it arrives!  

I was pleased to find that model and send it his way, making for another happy customer! This is what it is all about for MV400models! We are here to grow your passion, and share those special moments! We have a strong passion and love for our craft, and this is something we share with our customers! I hope to continue bring joy and passion and love for the hobby to the lives of all the collectors I possibly can! That is what’s most important for MV400models! We connect with collectors! 

Uzair was able to provide not just a great model to his Dad, but also something you can’t put a price on! Our goal has been reached in this case! 

The model I found is a Rare PIA DC 10-30 by Aviation 400. Check out the pics below!! 





I hope you enjoyed this little story and it warms your heart as much as it has mine!

Until next time, have a safe flight!



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