The future is bright!

The future is bright!

Hello Folks!

Resh here from MV400models. I just wanted to showcase a small list of some exciting things coming to MV400models in the near future. 

  • MV400 International airport- A model airport of epic proportions! A place where we can create the content you love, and to showcase new products available to purchase, such as custom GSE, Custom airport buildings, and accessories, the list goes on!
  • A raffle ticket contest! There are some Rare models that are just waaay too expensive or darn near impossible to find out there, our raffle ticket system allows collectors to purchase cheap raffle tickets for a chance to win a rare, valuable, and desired items. Members of this amazing community will have a chance to choose the next raffle prize as well, that way we can ensure the prizes are worth it. More info on that coming soon. 
  • Giveaways! We will be hosting more giveaways in the coming future because who doesn't love free stuff? We feel its important to give back to the community and show our customers our appreciation, and so more consistent giveaway contents will for sure be coming!
  • Sales, and discounts! We will be having some awesome sales, and some great discount codes consistently, but, in order to stay in the know, you must subscribe to our emails as that is the only way to get informed of the super savings!! 

There's plenty more coming. New products, new, brands, and more fun stuff the collector community can get directly involved with. 

Our goal is to become your favorite retailer, and we will work hard to keep the passion, fire, and love for the hobby burning!

Don't forget FREE SHIPPING on all CANADA and USA orders exceed $100.00CAD. 

Thanks for joining us on this flight!






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